SIP-6: MAGIC PALETTE - A powerful design tool for LAND Owners, Builders, and Creators

Budget Category: Game Content

What is Magic Palette?

Magic Palette is your key to transforming empty LAND into immersive, playable experiences with just a few clicks. This fully web-based creator’s tool leverages voxels as building blocks to streamline the level design process. Whether you’re a beginner, seasoned builder, or professional studio, Magic Palette enables rapid level design for you and your team.

With Magic Palette, you can:

  • Generate Maps: Automatically create unique and themed maps for your LAND.
  • Swap Themes: Easily change the themes or seasons of your full LAND with a click.
  • Customize Levels: Access an extensive collection of BLOCKs to fine-tune your level design.
  • Work with Voxel Maps: Advanced users can convert their own voxel creations into ready-to-play experiences.

Magic Palette empowers you to dynamically create engaging games and virtual spaces, attracting new players and continually bringing your LAND parcels to life in The Sandbox Metaverse.

  • Adventure Awaits! -

Why Magic Palette?

Magic Palette tackles a significant challenge of any Metaverse platform: Empty LANDs. With over 166k LANDs on the TSB map, only about 1% currently host active experiences. Many LAND owners aspire to activate their virtual real estate for gameplay, social events, or other projects but face several barriers:

  • They have great ideas but are not builders or designers themselves
  • Extensive time commitments required for project development
  • Insufficient familiarity with tools like VoxEdit and Game Maker
  • Limited budgets to engage professional creators or studios

Magic Palette addresses these obstacles by providing a tool that accelerates the creation process, requiring fewer resources. It even enables users to automatically generate fully playable and engaging experiences with just a few clicks!


We are seeking 350k SAND, to fund the development and launch of the Magic Palette app for The Sandbox’s builders community and LAND owners.

With a Beta release planned in the coming weeks, this funding also covers part of the extensive development work we’ve undertaken over the last six months to bring the app to its current state. The funds will be distributed in milestone-based payments to support the upcoming roll-out of the app.


  • Phase I: Finalize core features, the map generator and improve performance
  • Phase II: Internal testing by The Sandbox level design and art department team
  • Phase III: Beta release for everyone to start building/generating their maps
  • Phase IV: Official public release of the web app for all builders and LAND owners


SAND RUSH, a TSB Hall of Fame member and Trusted Partner within The Sandbox ecosystem has been at the forefront of innovation since the platform’s inception. Known for our pioneering contributions, we’ve developed for vibrant communities like CyberKongz and created tech stack and tools now integral to The Sandbox’s suite. At SAND RUSH, we merge art and technology, continuously innovating to deliver state-of-the-art web3 solutions to the builder’s community.


The Sandbox offers tools like VoxEdit and Game Maker, which, while powerful, do not facilitate rapid design and iteration during the early phases of game or social hub development. Drawing from our production experience, we at SAND RUSH developed apps to speed up level design, texturing, and animation. With early versions of Magic Palette we’ve streamlined the level design process, enabling instant testing and iteration of player journeys in Game Maker. This has also significantly accelerated cross-studio projects, enhancing early design improvements.

We’ve expanded Magic Palette by porting it to the web and introducing powerful new features as we are convinced this tool should be available to all builders for the benefit of the platform. Additionally, we are developing procedural level generators that enable even those without building experience to easily create unique levels and games for The Sandbox with just a few clicks.


Magic Palette Creators’ Features:

  • Web-based and free access for all builders and creators
  • Converts voxel models to TSB BLOCK-based levels and vice versa
  • Compatible with voxel editors like MagicaVoxel and VoxEdit
  • Supports import/export of VOX, OBJ, and MV/VE color palettes
  • Easy direct BLOCK swapping for theme changes with a click
  • Access to over 1200 high-quality BLOCKs and later import your custom BLOCKs
  • Advanced search and filter option to find the perfect BLOCKs for your project
  • Customizable color and BLOCK palette based on your imported or generated map
  • Features Voxel/BLOCK mode, Iso/Perspective views, and screenshot capabilities
  • Detailed BLOCK inspector linked directly to the TSB Marketplace

Magic Palette Generators’ Features:

  • Beta release includes a “Dungeon” generator with various customization options
  • The Dungeon generator features over 60 rooms, hallways, and structure types
  • Customize parameters like level height, density, room size, and landscape type
  • Generate hundreds of unique levels and select your favorite
  • Theme swap with a click, from lava fields to ancient underwater temples
  • Choose from flat or naturally elevated terrains as a scene for your level
  • In-viewport adjustments for customizing all BLOCKs to your liking
  • Future updates to include more LAND generators - stay tuned for more magic!


Magic Palette has garnered strong support from the TSB level design team, professional studios, and active builders within The Sandbox community. Many LAND owners have expressed a desire for a quicker way to develop and publish engaging content. By providing this tool to the builders community, we aim to empower creators and enhance the ecosystem of The Sandbox.


With a fully operational prototype app and endorsement from TSB leadership for enhanced integration with Game Maker, the risks associated with this project are minimal. The direct data transfer to GM can pose some technical challenges so we are in direct contact with TSB to enable interoperability as soon as possible. Initial workflows might require fine-tuning post-launch, but the app is stable and has been thoroughly tested.

Implementation Plan

We are dedicated to a swift, phased rollout of Magic Palette to quickly deliver value to the builder’s community and expedite game design on the platform. We target a 4-month deployment period following DAO approval.

Resources required

Our team has already dedicated more than six months to evolving Magic Palette from a proof of concept to a fully functional product. Significant groundwork has been laid, enabling a rapid release. We seek funding to make Magic Palette freely available to creators, eliminating barriers like paywalls or subscription fees. Here is an overview of our near-term roadmap:

Phase I / unlocks 87.5k SAND funding:

  • Improve the voxel parser for seamless model transitions from MagicaVoxel and VoxEdit to Magic Palette
  • Upgrade the Dungeon generator set with over 60 possible rooms and structures
  • Develop a secondary landscape generator integrated into the Dungeon creator
  • Add the first 10 pre-fab styles for easy theme switching of a generated dungeon

Phase II / unlocks 87.5k SAND funding:

  • Develop a voxel slicer to enable direct Multi-LAND import from .vox files
  • Establish a database featuring over 1200 high-quality BLOCKs available for free use
  • Enhance the search and filtering capabilities in the BLOCK library
  • Write a knowledge base and set up a product support channel for the app
  • Initial testing phase with the TSB Level Design Team

Phase III / unlocks 87.5k SAND funding:

  • Develop a live map testing mode directly in Magic Palette with an avatar camera
  • Automate BLOCK assignments based on the voxel model HEX colors
  • Saving and loading custom palette files for custom styles plus undo/redo functionality
  • Release a Beta version of Magic Palette web app with access for everyone (limited export functionalities)

Phase IV / unlocks 87.5k SAND funding:

  • Develop and implement functionality for loading custom BLOCKs
  • Enable a way to transfer LAND data between Magic Palette and Game Maker
  • Officially launch Magic Palette to the builders and creators’ community
  • Announce the first Magic Palette builder’s contest to encourage hands-on use of the app post-launch

These are just a few key features we list here to give you an overview on how we plan to proceed. There are many additional features and improvements that will be implemented on top of these. We will focus on feature requests from TSB teams and early Beta adopters and add the features with the most value first.

Metrics for Success

Success will be measured primarily by two metrics: App usage and the number of TSB experiences created with Magic Palette.

As we aim to keep the app free and do not track user data, success will only be gauged by monitoring monthly unique user interactions, starting with an expected 1,000 users per month. This number is anticipated to grow with the introduction of additional LAND generators and enhanced features. The launch of community-focused features like a map gallery and an open-source BLOCK library will allow us to increase user engagement further.


Discord: SAND RUSH

Alternatives Considered

We opted against developing Magic Palette as standalone desktop software, prioritizing accessibility and user trust over performance at this stage. Being web-based, the app can be accessed seamlessly anywhere via any browser, reducing entry barriers for all users. This approach also enhances trust, as users are cautious of downloading potentially harmful software prevalent in the crypto space.

Additional Resources

Magic Palette Pre-Register:
Magic Palette One-Pager: Magic Palette - One Pager (Q1 2024).pdf - Google Drive


The author of the Proposal is @Pepe


Magic @Pepe !!
Amazing Project! So needed!


Hey everyone! My team and I are thrilled to introduce you to Magic Palette! We can’t wait to hear from all the creators, builders, and LAND owners about how this tool can support your projects and what features you’re most excited about.

In the coming weeks, I’ll be active in X Spaces, Live Streams, and here in the forums to showcase the capabilities of Magic Palette. I’m excited to hear your ideas and address any questions you might have about the project.

We’re eager to get Magic Palette into the hands of the SandFam and help accelerate the growth of the Metaverse with your incredible content! Don’t forget to drop your email at to get notified about the Beta Release!

Adventure awaits! :world_map: :sparkles:


As someone who has tried (and failed) to build meaningful experiences on his land before, something like this is sorely needed to help make Sandbox an online destination.

I can’t comment if the amount it appropriate or not. I’ll leave that to someone more knowledgable in the space.

Would the team be open to transparently reporting progress as each phase is completed to keep the DAO informed on how the funds are being put to use?


I like this proposal. I believe that anything that improves playability and creation within the platform will be positive.

Regarding the magic palette, will social aspects be included, such as the implementation of videos, images, voice chat (when available) to incorporate into the experiences?

It is true that there are many limitations for LAND owners, and these are barriers that need to be broken.

Thank you, best regards.


@dankoyy Thanks, great to hear you like our approach.

@VonFrontin Awesome to hear you see great potential for Magic Palette! We truly believe it can make The Sandbox platform more accessible and help everyone create exciting experiences. While we’re not sure if the forums will maintain a thread on projects, we’re open to sharing our progress and use of funds here if possible. Plus, our app features a Changelog, so all feature updates will be shared there and on our socials.

@Bonano Thanks for your support! Great question about social game features. Magic Palette does generate and convert voxel minimaps into block-based builds and level designs in Game Maker. Features like video screens, images and chat is handled on the Game Maker side and can be added there as normal once you are happy with your map design. The app allows you also to update and to change your block-based LAND design at any time with all game logic or assets in place already. This provides the opportunity to swap the look and feel of you experience with a few clicks.


First off, this in its’ conception is what many game designers/creators/makers would love to have in their tool belt. I think this is kind of like what is in Game Maker when you choose a theme for a land, but on steroids! At one moment, I am excited about it; another moment, I am very cautious.

What I am excited & cautious about:
1. Is the possible ease of terraforming. Terraforming takes time, which when done right (excited) & when done wrong and have to re-do (cautious).
2. With the ease of terraforming comes the repetitious looking experiences (cautious). However, this would serve as a good base for making it your own with customizing it (excited).
3. The base layouts may not be on theme to a creators build (cautious). If they are on theme for the build (excited).
4. So not having the ability to see this in action via a video or demonstration makes this challenging for me all the while
I am excited for a new tool to use that may or may not help me build out my games… I will say I did sign up for the pre-release, so I can possibly get better understanding of how it will work and its usage.


@EscapeRoomArtist Thanks a lot for your thoughtful feedback and for signing up for the pre-release of Magic Palette. I’ll address your points the best I can:

  1. While Magic Palette is capable of generating terrain it is not a voxel/block editor (yet). It serves as a bridge to convert level designs from fast achievable voxel mock-ups into block-based LANDs and is especially in early production highly valuable and time-saving. We understand the concern about redoing work. The tool offers various ways to save your work and has version-saving features to help you refine your map without starting over, balancing speed with flexibility.

  2. I agree, automated tools can lead to repetitive designs, but Magic Palette offers a high amount of customization options. You can adjust level height, density, room size, landscape type, and more in our demo LAND generator. With various other generators in development that feature tailored options for their theme/genre. As you pointed out, the tool provides a strong foundation. By allowing users to customize and tweak the base layouts extensively, Magic Palette serves as a great starting point and bridge. This balance of automation and customization is designed to save time while still empowering your creativity.

  3. In generator mode, Magic Palette offers various themes and easy theme swapping to achieve fast results, especially for non-builders. However, we recognize that not all pre-defined themes will match every project, so you can always adjust even these procedural generated levels. For imported maps, you define the style and granularity, by setting the palette of your build in any voxel editor. The tool’s flexibility, allowing you to choose from hundreds of blocks for each palette color and import custom blocks later, ensures you can align base layouts perfectly with your specific themes and creative needs.

  4. We understand the challenge of not having a demo video here. We are already working with streamers in the Sandfam to provide live demos and walkthroughs starting next week to help you see an early version of the app in action. This can get you hopefully entangled by its magic. :sparkles: :smile: Your pre-release access will allow you to explore the tool firsthand then and offer feedback to shape its development further.

We’re excited to see how what you will create with Magic Palette and look forward to your valuable insights!


Looking forward to testing it and getting a good feel of it. Once I get access, I will be showing it off, on my Maker Monday Stream 6pm US Central.


Anything to empower the community members to have the capability to become builders in their own right, I’m all for it!
This are the kinds of SIPs we can support!


Nice! I’ll delve into this a little more but it’s a great first impression.

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@EscapeRoomArtist Looking forward to see what you’ll create and can’t wait for you to stream your process! We’re working hard to get the first demo into the hands of builders as soon as possible.

@wahpaks Thanks for your support! We’re excited to show how Magic Palette can benefit everyone, even non-builders, with its new enabled workflows and procedurally generated maps.

@Lanzer That’s great to hear! I’d love to join you for a stream or podcast to dive deeper into Magic Palette’s possibilities and related topics. Just ping me if would like to set something up.


Pepe, my only question is, how does this program interact with Sandbox Game Client, launcher, Game Maker, and VoxEdit? Does it require the programs to be running, or does it operate independently of them?

I am very much in favor of the idea!


I give my full support, Pepe! I really like the fact that this is addressing the huge amount of vacancies, 1% of 166K lands is really dismal. It looks like this program would lower the barrier to entry for landowners/game maker users to build.

For the $280K, did you factor in unforeseen costs, such as delays or cost overruns?

Podcast episode is a great idea. I’ll send you a message on X to set up the details.


@Donsun Thanks for your feedback and great question! Magic Palette is web-based and runs independently in your browser of choice. There’s no need to have TSB GM, VE, or the Client open to work in Magic Palette. While we can’t yet specify the exact details of how data transfer will happen, we’re actively working with the Game Maker team to ensure the process is as seamless as possible.

@Lanzer Thanks for your support! We’re thrilled that you see the value of getting Magic Palette into the hands of builders and LAND owners. Our current budget reflects these calculations to a certain degree, but the volatility of the SAND token means we might need to adjust the numbers slightly or base milestones on USDC payouts. Looking forward to chatting and joining a podcast soon!


@Pepe This is exactly the type of thing we should fund.

Do you have early demos you can preview just to make sure that the product exists at all?


Thanks for the great demo this week. Super excited about the possibilities this brings to creators of all experience levels. Keep up the great work SANDRUSH!


@cryptodiplo Thanks for your support! We’re working hard to get the first Beta version live so creators and LAND owners can try Magic Palette for themselves. Drop your email at for early access. In the meantime, check out this stream where I showcase many of the core features that are implemented already: link to stream.

@tempeststudios Hi Kodi! Great to hear from you, and thanks for stopping by! We believe Magic Palette will significantly boost and empower the level design process for studios like Tempest. We can’t wait to see what amazing games and hubs you’ll build with it!